A Geographic Information System plugged directly into your Safety Program Management and Tracking Software

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Workaware is a geospatial software tool that is designed from the ground up with mapping data. Every form entry and asset is automatically geospatially tagged for greater liability protection and insight into your businesses’ workflow.

Digital Forms That Are Geotagged

Unlike paper forms which can be easily manipulated, our digital forms were built from the ground up with location and liability in mind.  When an employee completes a digital form in Workaware, their location can be pulled automatically to help complete fields on the form.
Regardless of whether the user requires location data, the form will be stamped with the users location in an effort to protect your organization against fraudulent form completions.

Vital Locations Marked
On Your Map

The geospatial module of Workaware is designed to accommodate all of your important data, documents, and locations. Using our mapping technology, you can place important reference points on your map with detailed coordinates.
These markers could include construction sites, dump sites, or muster points.

Documents related to a project such as land titles or legislative agreements can be placed directly on the areas they apply to and allow you to visualize your data in entirely new ways.

Overlay Custom Map Filters

Workaware can overlay your existing map filters to offer additional layers of information concurrently with your data. Whether you are looking to add land divisions, project boundaries, or custom geographic data.
When managing large projects, you can use filters to track project advancement through customized shading. The opportunities for geospatial visualization of your workflows are endless and Workaware can empower you to explore them.

Analyze Your Data
and Incidents Geospatially

Workaware can help you mine your data for invaluable insights that will save you money and protect you from liability.  The geospatial module is designed to allow the visualization of incidents on a map, allowing you to locate problematic areas or recurring issues.

Asset and Worker Location Tracking

Workaware gives you the tools to monitor the locations of assets and workers utilizing geospatial data from forms and live locations provided by mobile devices.
When a user is logged into their Workaware mobile app, it will regularly log their location.  In the event of an incident, the workers last known location is easily determined.
Assets can also be tracked through the input of asset maintenance forms or third party GPS tracking. Workaware is designed to work with a variety of third-party software and hardware providers.

Lone Worker Tracking

Workaware is also a fully developed lone worker system eliminating the need for a seperate lone worker tracking system. Workaware’s lone worker module utilizes SMS text messages as a check-in mechanism.
This allows users to be device agnostic and will even work with a satellite phone solution where cellular is not available.
Additionally, Workaware is designed to project a lone workers travel path and in the event that the user does not check in, the software will suggest their most probable location area.

Start Managing Your Safety Program Better

Workaware is a robust safety management software solution designed to streamline your operations and protect you from liabilities. Find out how Workaware can help your business by scheduling a demo with our sales staff.