Operations Management Software that Increases Productivity and Profitability

Safety and Compliance

Ensure that safety and compliance processes are being followed.

Empower Staff

Empower your staff to manage safety remotely, offline and with a mobile app.

Real-time Reliable Data

Mitigate risk in the workplace and improve performance by leveraging real time data.
Workware is designed to show you your business metrics at a glance. With live data at your fingertips you can empower management to make the better decisions and increase both your organization’s productivity and profitability.

Our Centralized Document Library Ensures That Remote Workers Have Access to Everything They Need

The Workaware document library provides seamless access to reference documents on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer. Adding documents to the library is as simple as dragging and dropping them from your desktop into our application.
Workers on the go can also store items from the document library on their phone with one click, enabling the user to access them without cellular connection.
The document library is also designed for security with different access levels for different company divisions and levels of management. Administrators can determine which users or groups can view certain document library folders.

Streamline Workflows with Digital Forms that Are Designed for Easy Entry

Workaware is designed to take your organization’s paper workflows and instantly convert them into digital forms with our unique features. Your existing PDF forms are the basis for our forms module and your form fields are converted into digital database fields.
These fields are not only easily searchable, but they are also designed with intelligence in mind.

Our form fields can complete automatic calculations and logical operations which means your staff can spend less time filling in forms and more time on the task at hand.

Manage Assets with Ease

Track your organization’s assets and their maintenance schedules with our asset management module. Our technology is designed to keep track of regular inspections, and other periodic maintenance requirements.

Workaware features a built in scanner that allows you to point your mobile device at a tag on the asset you are utilizing and automatically provide the necessary maintenance forms such as a vehicle inspection or milage report.

The Notifications You Need

Workaware is designed to notify management of important actions within the workflow. If staff members neglect to fill out essential paperwork, management can be notified for follow up.

Query Your Data Quickly

Because Workaware transforms all of your paper forms into digitally indexed data, you can quickly search through your forms and filter them by field. Rather than searching through countless paper files, Workaware helps you find the information you need quickly and easily.

Maintain Quality
with a Corrective Workflow

Workaware’s operational process flow and unique forms are designed to accommodate most industries. Our software can be particularly effective for monitoring quality assurance of your product.
From the moment a form is submitted to indicate a quality issue has been detected, our software can set into motion a number of important notifications and follow ups. Most importantly our software can help your team set up a corrective action plan.

Start Managing Your Safety Program Better

Workaware is a robust safety management software solution designed to streamline your operations and protect you from liabilities. Find out how Workaware can help your business by scheduling a demo with our sales staff.