Safety Management Software That is Easy to Use and Deploy

Take your safety management program digital
with Workaware. Keep your staff safe and avoid liability with
streamlined processes.

Safety and Compliance

Ensure that safety and compliance processes are being followed.

Empower Staff

Empower your staff to manage safety remotely, offline and with a mobile app.

Real-time Reliable Data

Mitigate risk in the workplace and improve performance by leveraging real time data.
Workaware is a digital safety management tool with a unified, easy-to-use experience. Whether your staff are working remotely in the field or behind a desk their safety management software remains in sync with our cross-platform software and secure cloud. Our software is designed to help your business increase profitability, digitize workflows, and mitigate liability.

Get Your Message Out Instantly and Ensure it is Received

With Workaware your staff are only a tap away, allowing you to send them important messages as easy as sending an email. Unlike email, however, you will know when your employees have read and acknowledged your safety message. Each acknowledgement tracks the user’s details, geographic location, and you can even require a photograph to verify their identity.
All of these precautions protect your business against future liabilities that may arise in the event of a safety incident or injury.

Safety messages can be delivered to the entire organizations or select divisions allowing you to ensure your message gets to the correct audience.

Leave Paper Behind and Embrace Digital Workflows

Workaware features robust forms that are designed to easily adapt any paper workflow into a fully digital experience with very little effort. Completing forms has never been easier whether you are in the office or on the go. Utilizing our mobile app, you can take forms with you anywhere and our optimized interface makes completing them a breeze.

Intelligent Forms Make Your Safety Program Smarter

Filling out forms shouldn’t get in the way of doing work, which is why Workaware is designed with Intelligent Forms designed to provide you with information that would otherwise be difficult to find. Forms can be programmed with mathematical operations to present the information you need as quickly as you can fill it in.

Our forms can also incorporate logic expressions to ease the experience of collecting data. By clicking a box such as “does not apply” the form knows that an input is not required for the corresponding entry. Intelligent Forms can also pull relevant data automatically such as the employee ID, form number, last recorded vehicle mileage, or anything else stored in your database.

Built from the Ground Up for Offline Use

Workaware is not a web application which means that your staff can take it with them on their laptop or mobile device. More importantly, the software is designed to work without a connection to the internet. When connected to an internet connection, users can select important reference information for when they are offline. Other items such as relevant safety forms are automatically synced every time your device is connected to the internet. Our reliable and secure cloud keeps your company in sync and your data safe.

Prevent Safety Incidents Before They Happen With Instant Notifications

Workaware is designed at its core to help your business mitigate risk and it can assist your management team by flagging important behaviour or relevant form submissions. When staff member completes report that indicates a piece of equipment is damaged or a potential safety hazard has been noted, their corresponding supervisor can be immediately notified.
Alternatively, if an important safety form is not completed by a certain time or date, a manager can be notified that the safety check has not been performed or submitted.

Workaware Has Your Business in Mind

Our software has been designed with machine learning algorithms that help you to manage your safety data better. Workaware can detect the sentiment in submitted forms to determine disgruntled employee submissions and aggressive mind sets. As the software develops Workaware will be able to give you greater insight into employee motivations and stress levels.
Workaware is developing artificial intelligence that will be able to determine high risk situations by analyzing your entire company’s dataset. Incident and injury prevention is essential to protecting people and profitability.

Train Your Employees Before They Ever Set Foot on Your Site

The costs of employee training and certification management can be astronomical. Workaware is designed to provide an easy way to provide employees with the required safety training before they ever set foot on a job site.
With Workaware employees can orientate themselves with digital training modules from anywhere. To receive certification comprehensive questions can be added to ensure retention of the knowledge.

Track Certifications and Expiries

Workaware also features a robust system for tracking employees and assets that allows you to track certifications and expiries. Before an employee steps onto a job site, their Workaware badge can be scanned and the site supervisor can easily determine if they have the qualifications necessary.

Start Managing Your Safety Program Better

Workaware is a robust safety management software solution designed to streamline your operations and protect you from liabilities. Find out how Workaware can help your business by scheduling a demo with our sales staff.